Our Furry Team

At Ad.In, stress comes with the territory. No stress therapy is better than the unconditional love of our pet companions, and we have PLENTY! We couldn’t do what we do without the support from our canine, feline, aquatic and reptilian BFFs! Meet our therapists!….

Dexter Dees

The Hunter
Three legged Dachshund son of Hale and Beverly Dees: chases possums and deer indiscriminantly. He is faster on 3 legs than 4 (one unfortunately fell prey to a car tire but you hardly even notice it’s gone). His personality would be described as Mr. T in dog form. His favorite pastime is burrowing under any blanket he can find and sleeping. With brother Artie, he is a proud (and exclusive) member of the “Dees Howling Chorus” as well as “Squirrel Defense Squad” at the Dees home.

Artie Dees

The Lover
Fluffy and effeminate, Artie is quite a lover not a fighter. He will pretend to be tough but will roll over and ask for forgiveness even if he didn’t do anything. He has a fondness for bell peppers and his favorite pastime is smothering anyone who gets down to his level — this is what is called “getting Artie’d”. With brother Dexter, he is a proud (and exclusive) member of the “Dees Howling Chorus” as well as “Squirrel Defense Squad” at the Dees home.

Liza Blue Davis-Bond aka Punkin'

Taste Tester of ALL
Punkin' is one of a kind! Fraidy cat of all things (kinda like her mom) and will alert you if she feels danger. Food is her life, pastime and consumes her. Punkin' has a kind, old soul and she is very loved and spoiled!

Dixie Davis-Bond

Squirrel Chaser
Svelt chocolate diva dachshund is well-known for her speed and agility combined with her good looks. Her alert and charming personna combined with her desire to sleep and eat more than your average human, make her a very unique southern belle and a very beloved member of the Davis-Bond household.

Stella Davis-Bond

Guard Master
Rescued three years ago, Stella is Ben's dog. She took a strong bond with him in the beginning. Her big fluffy coat and vicious growl can be scary but don't let it fool you, she is very sweet. She plays the momma role to Liza and Dixie. She loves rolling around in saw dust watching Ben work in the shop. As long as she is near Ben, life is good.

Derp Teixeiro

Derp is a mississippi map turtle. Considered an invasive species in Florida, the mississippi map turtle was introduced into the environment by aquarium keepers. Legally we are required to remove them when they are found and normally they are disposed of but Derp was rescued instead. After a few days in my aquarium it was clear that he was the dumbest animal in the whole world, but thats ok. Derp is a bundle of joy and he gets to eat all the food and bask in the light of my heat lamp all day.

Button & Goldie Teixeiro

Several years ago when I found Derp I bought several feeder goldfish because I thought he would only eat live food. He never did. Now all this time later these goldfish have grown to a monstrous size and while they only cost 12 cents each they have become a part of the family. Eventually to keep Derp company I added a Mud Turtle named Button. Hes gotten a little bigger since this picture ...but only a little. Their species stays very small!

Khaleesi Teixeiro

Khaleesi is a red-eyed crocodile skink. Native to New Guinea, these reptiles love warm temperatures and contrary to normal reptile behavior these lizards will spend all of their time half submerged if they get the chance. They love to be in and around the water. Khaleesi is very shy, prefering to play dead and remain limp and motionless when stressed rather than run away. This behavior is a signature trait of red eyed crocodile skinks and after taking one home this might make an owner question their purchase but given time these lizards open up and begin to show large and unique personalities of their own. Once they're comfortable with you they love to be pet and have the top of their heads rubbed!

The Teixeiro Reef Aquarium

There are few things more wonderful in a home than a reef aquarium. Fully stocked with Corals, Fish, even Shrimp this tank is the centerpiece of my home. When the cable goes out there is no worry because you can just stare at this glass instead and be as entertained.