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  • Testimonial

    Beverly Dees

    Owner/ Art Director

    "It’s amazing what can be accomplished if you don’t care who gets the credit. ~Harry Truman"


     Obsessed with anything orange or copper • Loves chasing a yellow ball with a racquet (and hitting it, and sometimes others) • Practical joker/prankster wannabe • Lizard wizard



    Beverly Dees, a native of Jackson County and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, graduated from Ole Miss in 1992 with a BA in Art and minor in Journalism. In 1994, she created Ad.In, a company dedicated to customer-tailored solutions to meet the advertising and branding needs of South Mississippi businesses.

    Since that time, Ad.In has continued to grow with the Mississippi Gulf Coast market needs – on a purely referral basis. Beverly’s combination of design background and her ability to create effective marketing campaigns and concepts allows her to envision and deliver her clients’ brand potential. Her extraordinary ability to create one-of-a-kind artwork that communicates the clients’ intended messages is second to none. With a proven success record delivering strong returns on investment, Beverly has the experience, vision and knowledge of the Mississippi Gulf Coast market to be a true asset in leading the charge for this mission.

    Beverly works tirelessly to make sure every Ad.In project is produced to the highest of standards visually, creatively and effectively. Each year, Beverly donates hundreds of hours to non-profits on the Coast, such as the American Red Cross, Walter Anderson Museum, various programs for the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

    When she is not busy making her clients’ lives easier, Beverly enjoys playing tennis, going out on her family’s boat and spending time with her husband, Hale Dees, her son, Wesley, and daughter, Sydney.

  • Testimonial

    Michelle Harbison

    Director of Business Development

    "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt"

    Live, team trivia geek.  Self-proclaimed, weakest link • Enjoys fantasizing about cellulite free legs while spinning at home studio  (TV mounted on garage wall) •  Considers ”Mom” is the best name, yet hardest job ever • Could live out the lyrics to the Zach Brown Band’s, “Life Is Good Today” everyday



    Michelle Harbison grew up in Colorado, where she studied Business Management and started her career before making the Mississippi Coast her home in 1999. Michelle and her husband, Chris, have been married for sixteen years and have two children, Cole & Ashlyn. She began working for Ad.In in 2003 and “loves working for a company that gets excited about work and really cares about client outcomes.” 

    With over two decades of marketing and sales experience, Michelle understands that Ad.In’s success is reliant on the success of our clients and their Ad.In experience. Passionate about achieving clients’ goals, Michelle provides a valuable perspective in aligning clients with result-oriented strategies.

  • Testimonial

    Jenifer Davis

    Web/Accounting Manager

    "Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy!"

    Addicted to design • Fraidy cat of all bugs • Ocean dweller • DIY expert • Photography princess



    Jenifer Davis is a Florida native raised in St. Augustine, Florida, now residing in Gulfport. With three years of training as a specialist of web development and SEO, she oversees, builds, and maintains each website with exceptional attention and care. With 30+ websites under her belt with Ad.In, Jenifer is familiar with the dynamics of web development in both her professional and personal life, creating and maintaining websites for her own entrepreneurial endeavors. 

    Her extensive background in banking ensures the highest level of online security for our clients. Jenifer is no stranger to wearing other hats, including social and digital media, and traditional media purchasing and auditing. Her attention to detail combined with technological skill set proves to be a great asset to Ad.In.


  • Testimonial

    Paul Donnell

    Graphic Designer

    "Are you gonna eat that?"

     Doodling since the development of motor skills • Coffee fiend • Was sorted into Hufflepuff House on Pottermore.com • Enjoys a pint of Guinness from time to time



    Paul Donnell is a native of the Jackson area who moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast upon completing his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Southern Mississippi. An award winning web and graphic designer on the Ad.In team, Paul brings an artistic and unique touch to each of his projects, focusing on design and creative strategy. With his background in photography and passion for all things art, Paul is a creative treasure of Ad.In.

    When he steps away from his mac, Paul spends time perfecting his photography skills, playing the guitar, ukulele, banjo and harmonica, painting, running and spending time with his wife, Ashley, and dog, Elsa.

  • Testimonial

    Lina Wagoner

    Project Manager/ Customer Service Representative


    A closet germaphobe • Strongly loves organization (on the verge of being obsessive about it) • Has a weakness for chocolate and Target • Won’t eat the last bite of a sandwich (who knows why, but I always leave it)



    Lina Wagoner, a native of Nashville, TN, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. After graduation, she took on the role of regional manager at a custom-print apparel shop, where she was successful for five years in maintaining high organizational and leadership skills. Combined with her eye for design and passion for customer service, Lina provides countless resources to Ad.In.

    When not conducting the Ad.In Team, Lina enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael, and their two children, Brayden and Brielle.


  • Testimonial

    Rolando Teixeiro

    Web Programmer/ Support

    "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ~Ben Franklin"

    Lifelong Learner • Aquarium and Terrarium keeper • Closet Herbalist • Code Wizard • And Coffee Connoisseur



    Rolando Teixeiro, a palm-tree hugging Floridian,  is a gifted web programmer and problem-solver. Acting as the main left-brainer of the group, Rolando works tirelessly to keep sites secure and up to date, as well as developing solutions for clients’ needs. Being well versed in a multitude of programming languages as well as possessing a keen desire to know more about everything provides an assured advantage when solving the trickiest of problems. 

    When not securing databases, Rolando enjoys the island life by swimming, fishing, and kayaking around his home. A lover of nature, he tends to a small garden of herbs and spices from around the globe before going indoors to hang out with a diverse range of aquatic friends in their aquascaped vivariums. Sitting among them, and the scent of drying herbs and brewing coffee, creates the perfect mental environment to get “in the zone” when programming.