Live video as a marketing tool

Utilizing social media is key to a business’s marketing strategy, and live video is a new resource that is becoming a sensational trend in online marketing.

Twitter has Periscope, Facebook has a live video component, and now Instagram does as well, giving businesses a huge opportunity to bring interesting live videos to their customers.

Why is live video becoming so popular?

Video in itself has a great appeal, as people tend to prefer visual over written elements. Video is able to combine the visuals with audio, giving a user more of a connection to the content. With improvements in internet speeds the rising popularity of mobile devices, users can watch videos almost anywhere with ease.

Live video specifically gives viewers a feeling of participation. While watching the video, they can feel like they are right there at the event or with whoever is in the video in that moment. Live video also has an option to let viewers interact with the video by liking or leaving comments for the person filming.

But how does all of this help promote a brand?

A great example is Tough Mudder, a brand of endurance events that challenges its participants in a number of physical ways. Tough Mudder did a live-streaming of a training event following a coach showing what it took to run through an event. Because Tough Mudder is all about physical participation, using live video allowed viewers who might be interested what they would be in for at one of these events. Tough Mudder also sprinkled in promotions for their training programs and other materials to combine the content with brand promotion. 

Brainstorm with the company’s marketing and social media team and experiment with what could work as a live video. It could be the boost to engagement that your company has been looking for.