How Hashtags Can Help You

Hashtags are becoming more popular as an easy and free marketing tool.

With many social media platforms adopting the use of hashtags, it’s something that is too valuable to pass up.

Hashtags allow marketers to categorize posts, gather attention and harness the power of popular topics to drive viewer engagement.

Hashtags not only boost engagement, but they can also help measure engagement. Hashtags are an easy way to keep track of how many people are discussing a topic across all different platforms.

When adopting and utilizing a brand hashtag, there are some rules to stay effective.

  • While using hashtags can be advantageous to businesses, do not overuse hashtags. Do not hashtag every word or make the hashtags too long. It makes the content appear cluttered and difficult to read. A simple hashtag that is to the point is most effective.
  • Make sure your hashtags are public and not just accessible to present followers in order to grow engagement. You want someone to see a hashtag and explore its meaning and drive them to become a new follower.
  • Don’t stay married to one specific hashtag. While establishing a brand identity is crucial, you may find that different hashtags work on different platforms. The web is always changing and growing, so don’t be afraid to let your hashtag do so as well.

Experiment with a concise company hashtag with your social media campaign and watch engagement grow.